Transport Setup

American Home Center Relocation Services

American Home Construction Services offers safe, fast and efficient transportation services of manufactured homes, modulars, mobile homes, RV park models, trailers and office trailers. If not done right, the transportation of a home can place considerable stress on its structure and contents. Using the latest technology, we move new and used homes, factory deliveries, and relocate homes from park to park or private home.

Picking Home


Delivery and Set Up

We have the equipment and level of expertise to handle the moving and transporting of your home from take down, to site preparation, leveling, utility installation, foundations, new construction, remodeling or repair, and more. We are fully equipped to construct driveways, walkways and landscaping after setting up your new home.


Our trained crew can tear down your manufactured home or trailer, transport it to your new location and reset and level it on a new foundation, full basement or even a ground set and install anchors and skirting for a finished look to your site. Our expertise includes both conventional installation and crane setting and will comply with all applicable codes.


Call American Home Construction Services today! We will do an on site inspection of the home to be moved, give you a quote, tell you want is involved, and schedule the transport of your mobile or manufactured home.