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We appreciate all you've done for us & all you've given. The Furry kids say thank you too!
God Bless you & Thanks Again ~Melody



Just a note from Jill and Joel Edwards, Snoqualmie

We do wish to acknowlege Andy and Mark for the exceptional work they did to construct our front, side and back decks. What they, and Tom in this case, did to re-create the deck from a picture of what we originally purchased was exceptional. In addition to their craftsmanship Andy and Mark were not only attentive to the specific circumstances of the deck but to our needs during this long and arduous process, They are certainly commended by Jill and Me. Thank you to them both.

As the painting of the deck is progressing Jason and Jim have done a great job, as well. Jason, with his depth of knowledge to modular homes, even solved an electrical situation 2 electricians could not resolve. Thank you to them both, too.

Best Regards,

Joel and Jill Edwards

Joel Edwards

I could not have gotten the home of my dreams without Linnette Gonzales at American Home Center. She guided me through the process of ordering an original home and made invaluable suggestions along the way. She was in contact with me every step of the way to update me on the status of my home construction. If you want someone who will be there for you, trust Linnette. You will be so pleased with the results.

Linda Korsell

Hi Dave,
Its been a pleasure working with you. Jared and I are excited to get it installed.


Thank you for your kindness!

Cynthia Brady

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